Update on Galactic Federation Attacks on Corporate Satellites & Mars Exodus – Michael Salla

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According to the latest intelligence received from a representative of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, attacks have moved into high gear to remove corporate-run facilities that have recently relocated to Mars. On Sunday, April 25, Elena Danaan sent me an update on the ongoing campaign to free Mars of negative extraterrestrial and corporate influences after the Galactic Federation had previously freed the Moon as she explained in our fourth interview.

Source: exopolitics.org

Editor Note: This has been an ongoing operation. Note that last year we reported Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) Destroyed on Mars. Also, news of satellites being destroyed may coicide with Simon Parkes’ report of Armada and Mossad staellities being destroyed. See the video notes section in Connecting Consciousness (April 25, 2021) – Simon Parkes


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