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In this Exopolitics Today interview, Elena Danaan begins by giving a short account of her work as a professional archeologist for 20 years, and what she learned during her time in Egypt and evidence of extraterrestrial life. She goes on to give a comprehensive update on ongoing “Galactic Federation of Worlds” intervention on the Earth, Moon, Mars, Phobos and recent diplomatic meetings on Jupiter, which handed over responsibility of the solar system to a consortium of space faring nations making up the Artemis Accords.

Source: exopolitics.org

Video Notes:

  • The first part of the interview covers Elena’s past work as an archaeologist in Egypt. Discussion of ancient Egyptian history and legend.
  • At approximately 16:50 their discussion shifts to recent Antarctica and off-world activities.
  • Evacuation of the dark fleet from Antarctica.
  • Elena states her galactic ally Thor Han reports that Reptilians and high-ranking Dark Fleet (aka Nachtwaffen) escaped from Antarctica using an inter-dimensional portal in the south pole that took them to Aldebaran. Elena describes the appearance of the portal.
  • The Galactic Federation of Worlds (aka GF, GFW, GFL, Galactic Federation of Light) shut down the portal.
  • Mention of Tony Rodrigues mentioning this portal.
  • Antarctica facilities were handed over to Turkish and Chinese authorities.
  • Discussion of the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC) and Consortium of Corporations. ICC is mostly based out of Mars.
  • Recent agreement on Jupiter to prepare for the solar system’s future.
  • Trapezoidal shaped Dark Fleet facility on the moon was liberated from the Orion Grays (allied with the Reptilians) by the GF in January 2021.
  • Moon facility technology used to lower earth human’s vibration.
  • GF have left the moon in the hands of Earth humans.
  • Discussion of Lunar Operations Command (LOC) established by the breakaway German faction (Dark Fleet) shaped in the form of a swastika. This base was established in a treaty the Dark Fleet had with the reptilians.
  • Moon facilities have been handed to “progressive corporations” that need to prove their good intentions under the supervision of the GF.
  • Discussion of Mars liberation. The GF has been assisting
  • Mars has three mostly underground (good) resident species: local reptilians, insectoid, and local worm-like “burrowers”. The Mars reptilians are leading the Mars resistance.
  • Recent seismic activity on Mars are usually associated with the explosions and raids the Mars Alliance are doing.
  • “Dark Alliance” is a alliance among three malevolent groups: Denebu Orions (bad “grays”), Chikkarr (sp?) Reptilians, and the Dark Fleet.
  • On July 5, 2021 all reptilian and humans cooperating with reptilians (but not Dark Fleet) facilities on Earth had been retaken by the GF and local benevolent species.
  • Discussion of Aries Prime facility on Mars run by ICC, corroborated by testimonies from Tony Rodrigues and Randy Cramer.
  • Indigenous Mars species are taking over Mars facilities, assisted by the GF.
  • Mars moon Phobos (under malevolent Zeta Reticuli grays) also liberated. Phobos humans being repatriated to Earth.
  • Mars moon Deimos (under malevolent Maitre “tall” grays from Andromeda) is yet to be liberated.
  • Phobos was completely hollowed out. Used for sorting and processing human abductees from Earth for scientific and medical experiments, and human slave trafficking. Phobos was liberated July 24, 2021.
  • Ceres planetoid and Saturn yet to be liberated. Ceres will take a long time to liberate, as there are many Ceres civilians that need to be brought to safety first.
  • Mention of Tony Rodrigues’ testimony as a slave at Ceres, said there are millions of civilians there.
  • Recent (~July 14, 2021) meeting took place in a “floating city” in Jupiter’s atmosphere as a discussion of the handover from GF to the Earth Alliance entities for control of the solar system.
  • One meeting topic was the agreement between GF and several Earth space forces and “progressive (not service to self) corporations” regarding who will manage the “safety zones” in this star system. There are 14 countries who participated in the meetings. Eight countries were selected to participate in the meeting. One country (United States) was selected to oversee the other eight countries’ activities.
  • Chinese and Russian country delegations were displeased at not being selected to administer the other countries.
  • Michael Salla points out the similarity of the recent Artemis Accords with what Elena discloses, along with similarities with statements from Israel Space Command founder Haim Eshed, who stated publicly that the Galactic Federation (GF) is working with the Trump administration


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