Von Braun & Life on Mars – Clark McClelland

New study asserts that life could have begun on Mars and later headed to Earth
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NASA whistleblower Clark McClelland first met Dr. Wernher von Braun in 1959 and their paths crossed many times between then and 1966. A friendship developed when both men were working on NASA’s Saturn 1 mission. Journalist Mary Joyce joined Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss McClelland’s memoirs, and what they reveal about von Braun’s knowledge of extraterrestrial races and life on Mars (Related Images). “Von Braun told [McClelland] that he had seen ETs… that is where he said the Aryan race came from,” Joyce reported, noting the ETs arrived many thousands of years ago and as recently as the 1930s. They worked with the Germans to develop advanced weapons, and other scientists at Kennedy Space Center admitted seeing them, she added.

“McClelland’s letters detail von Braun’s belief that life had evolved on Mars hundreds of thousands of years ago, and the Martians had a technologically sophisticated civilization capable of spaceflight, Joyce continued. According to von Braun, future Mars missions would reveal ancient ruins of buildings and technology on the Red Planet. The Martian atmosphere was destroyed when the planet between Mars and Jupiter exploded, so to preserve their culture some Martians fled to Earth, Joyce explained. “[Von Braun] said Earth is being visited from other intelligences from the stars, and that Earth is a nursery of many cosmic races,” she reported. Joyce also disclosed the fate of Hitler and Eva Braun, who did not die in a bunker during WW2 but rather escaped to a Nazi base beneath the surface of Antarctica.”

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