We Are Online! – Pars Kutay (07-14-2020)

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This Time is a HUGE Gift for those SOULs ready to fully step into their Highest Power as SOULs.

In Truth there are Multiple Dimensions NOW operating simultaneously and it is bringing immense opportunities for SOULs, to finally leave all the old SELVES behind, from all previous lives and this one, all the old stuff etc.

There needs to BE a deep and profound emptying, as I stated yesterday, for the Fires of Purification will sweep through such a SOUL to the Highest degrees as the White Flame, NOW fully returned, is making its Presence felt.

We are in an immense sweeping motion of Purification. I cannot find words to describe this. Human language so often completely fails me – as I am given these pictures, information, and cannot find the right words to express what is given me.

For SOULs who Truly wish to embrace the WHOLENESS, the totality of their SOUL Mission and Purpose, and the totality of who and what they are at SOUL level, and the reason they have incarnated, this is a Divine Gifting Time: – indeed, it is a Huge window of opportunity opening, which has never been here before.

It is the ending of what was and BEginning to what is there already, NOW manifesting into True and much Higher Dimensional forms of existence.

I am reminded of what was said in the New Testament, that two people shall stand next to each other, one will rise into the Fullness of ONEness and Unity with the Divine, and the other will stay where they are. This is indeed Happening NOW.

Let Go of Attachments.

Let Go of any concepts of how your life should be in the next few weeks and months. Forward planning is Futile. For so much is Happening NOW, that the only place is HERE and NOW.

To BE fully PRESENT every moment and with all of you – there lies the trick.

To NOT be pulled forward, nor backward. To BE in this Moment, and fully anchored in the Divine and in the Heart Center, fully in the Divine Love, Light and Power.

Even the Greatest Seers, can at the moment NOT foresee what is happening, for all is going through such immense changes, and one moment is not the same as even the next.

Even between Breaths, everything is Changing!

BEcome Aware.

BEcome Present.

Allow your SELF to BE emptied of all notions of who and what you are, nor need be, or what you need to accomplish or to BEcome.

You are BE-ing transformed, if you are ready and accepting of this, into a totally NEW You!

You will suddenly wake up one morning, and realize you are transformed.

The YOU you thought you were, has gone. Forever.

You are NOT who you project out anymore. The Personas have Gone. The Masks have Gone.

The True Higher SOUL SELF has totally taken over and your full SOUL Powers have been Restored.

Such is the GIFT for those who are ready to receive this.

Some will choose Not to accept the Gift.

All have Free Will and Choice.

What is Opening Up NOW for those who choose the total filling and total stepping into the Fullness of their Higher SOULs, a brand NEW World is busy Opening Up.

~ Judith Kusel 💜

with LOVE 💜
Pars Kutay

~ 💜 ~

Photo: The Gift of the Dawn – captured over Sweden today July 14, 2020 by Kasia Basia della Orba

Orioginally posted here on FB.

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