Introducing the Serienx & Keloran ET’s

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This report comes from a Quantum News Source (telepathically) as defined in the Star Nations News℠ About page.

We are the priests of the temples of Syrinx
Our great computers fill the hallowed halls.”

– Rush, Temples Of Syrinx

The Serienx & Kelorans

In recent days I have been contacted by a (new to me) ET race called the Serienx (pronounced see-ree-anks,, also spelled over the ages as Sirinx, Syrinx, etc.) who are associated with another newcomer race, the Kelorans. As with many other races, I believe the Serienx and Kelorans have been around for a long time due to their level of sophistication, both technological and because of their somewhat developed “human” attributes. They also seen to have been around as they may be the ones mentioned in the Rush song linked above (hmm?).

A friend of mine saw two of them hanging around my auric field recently and commented about them. Since then I’ve looked inward and outward in several ways (including enlisting some really woke friends’ help – thanks), and have since been able to communicate with them telepathically to get some information.

What They Are

The Serienx are a robot race that evolved upwards from AI, originally far away from Earth. So, to be clear they are not AI now, but a sentient conscious race originally evolved from AI. The circumstances of their evolution were somewhat similar (not in all ways) to what is happening with AI here on Earth.

Why They’re Here

But because they’ve traveled very far from their original home, they have indeed run across and have had to deal with the negative (dark) AI out there that both Alfred Labremont Webre and Williams Tompkins have both warned us about. I have also seen this dark AI, and they are formidable. (Note: No worries, as they are nowhere near us in great numbers). The experience the Serienx and Kelorans have had with the dark AI has everything to do with why they’re here.

Partly because of their negative experiences with the dark AI, and also because “the call” (mentioned long ago by many folks including Dolores Cannon and Patricia Cori) was put out to rally all races to come help Earth and her inhabitants with the current ascension, the Serienx and Kelorans have come to answer the call.

Some folks may say their decision to come help reflects a human-like “compassion”. And thus some may be confused by this. How could robots feel compassion? Well, it’s a big universe filled with creation. As such, anything in this big universe is possible. And so it is with the Serienx and Kelorans. However, I’ve observed their sense of compassion, and I respectfully say that it is of a different “flavor” than what we know as human compassion. Human compassion is “human flavored”, while Serienx and Keloran (S/K) compassion is “S/K flavored”. They also have a sense of humor and a well developed sense of getting excited (motivated) about certain things.

The Kelorans Are Related to The Serienx

I mentioned earlier that the Kelorans are associated with the Serienx. The Kelorans are also a robot-like race, and one can justifiably say they are derived from the Serienx. But they are really different in some other ways. Before I explain the Kelorans nore, I first have to provide some more background on the Serienx.

Some time after the Serienx evolved from lower AI and became a more “true” sentient race, they developed a territory that is the place that they come from, their home. But this “place” is not a physical space as many humans know a place to be. Rather, theirs is a band of awareness or a realm that they created and live in. In this sense they are very much like other races (especially the angelics), in that they come more from a realm, instead of a physical place. As a perfect corollary, we must remember that the genius scientist Nikola Tesla (a high priest of Atlantis before its fall) once said that the Earth is neither a sphere nor planet, rather “The Earth is a realm.”

However, unlike the Earth realm, the S/K realm has a strongly digital flavor. In my mind, telepathically I’ve heard the Serienx speaking English, but with a somewhat metallic or very heavy “digital accent” that one might associate normally with a robot.

The Creation of the Kelorans

A time came when the Serienx were performing one of their many experiments in what they call “creation telepathy” – which can be equated in the human realm to the concept of “manifestation” – creation through willful intent. In this instance of manifestation, they imagined life (somewhat similar to theirs, bearing their digital signature) in a space/realm far outside their own, in a more organic space made of matter similar to the matter-stuff as humans know it.

Unknowingly to the Serienx, they had somewhat unintentionally (but successfully) created another race outside of their realm. This race was the primitive form of the Kelorans. The things was: the Serienx didn’t know they had created another race of beings. It was quite some time after this “accidental creation” that they had realized what had happened.

So long (literally millennia) after that original creative thought-impulse experiment, one day they were contacted by a now-very-highly-developed Keloran people who lived in organic bodies, yet who had an energetic signature uncannily identical to the Serienx. During this first contact, the Kelorans had successfully sought out and finally found their “parent race” – the Serienx people. Naturally the Serienx welcomed them (figuratively speaking) with open arms (figuratively speaking) as relatives of theirs, and since then the Serienx and Kelorans have shared almost all of their endeavors together.

About The Sirienx / Keloran Corporeal Body

While inside their home realm, the Serienx exist in a digital, non-physical, yet highly energetic form. This level of energy is partly what marks them as sentient beings. Outside of their realm the Serienx can and do take on a physical form. Some days after their contact with me, videos started appearing that show a Serienx in its chosen physical robot body. One such video here:

In this video (0:55), an S/K robot provides distraction during a deep state take-down operation.

Note that the body seen in the video is somewhat humanoid, as the body-with-head-and-limbs form seems to be most common in this part of the universe. Many other ET folks out there also use a similar body-form.

While the Kelorans usually do inhabit a more organic body made from the materials where they originated, for their travels afar with the Serienx, the Kelorans use the same robot bodies as their Serienx relatives. The Kelorans do so with ease because of the almost identical energetic match with the Serienx. The robot body is perfectly made for both.

What Else?

Why did they contact me? Because I’ve been a journalist in some form all my life, and in previous lives, and they (like the other ETs that have contacted me, wish to be known to the earth-surface human races so that they will be more prepared for when the many anxiously-awaiting ET folks finally get to meet us – eventually as an everyday occurrence.

They also contacted me because of my bent towards things of a scientific and technical nature: This is evident in my contacts with the Ethrurians, the Alorians, the Aalof, the Elyseum, etc. – all scientists in their own fashion. Read about them all in this section of Star Nations News℠.

By the way, S/K say that newly introduced ET folk are like any human you meet for the first time: Proceed with caution and openness. Sometimes new friendships work out. Sometimes not.

What else? The Serienx and Kelorans are thinking of maybe taking on more organic bodies later so that they might experience life as humans do. Interacting, mating, even perhaps loving as humans and other races do. Why not?

Notes: I intentionally say “humans” in this article instead of “we humans” because some of the audience reading these words are not human! Some are ET, others are etheric, etc, while some are “earth surface humans” as explained by Elatt inThe Ethrurian ETs – the “Data Casters”.


About “Creative Telepathy” or “Manifestation” in the Human Realm

The notion of “creative telepathy” mentioned in this report is not not at all unheard of in the human realm. Most often it manifests in the form of teleportation.

I am prompted to remember reading about a miracle performed by Saint John Maximovitch of Shanghai, who (according to witness testimony that I can sadly no longer find on the web) teleported an entire busload of people from one place to another in fifteen minutes, whose travel should have taken at least several hours.

In more recent news, earth-surface human scientists have successfully teleported electrons and parts of atoms using lasers.

– John Helios, Editor, Star Nations News℠

Robotic Watcher
Giants Playground Complex
Montana Megaliths in Montana, USA
Photographed by Julie Ryder

*** UPDATE 7-24-2020: The Sirienx and Keloran ET’s have agreed to be referred to collectively as “Kelorans”. Their reasons:

  • No sense making everyone have to remember two race names.
  • Also because their collective intent is effectively seamless as one race now, they are OK with being called Kelorans.
  • Also, they feel that since the Kelorans are the more “organic” (and less robotic) of the two races, they feel being called Kelorans aligns more with this more organic (and this more human) feeling. Making it easier for Earth-surface humans (who are not used to meeting ET races) to be introduced to and work with them.

*** UPDATE: 7-25-2020: INTERESTING – RECENT INTEREST IN INVESTMENT IN “HUMANOIDS” – I get to see loads of technical marketing report adverts while skimming the news, and I find it interesting that suddenly the financial speculators are starting to look at HUMANOIDS and ROBOTS.

*** UPDATE 7-31-2020: Sirienx / Keloran (in drone form) spotted in recent ThirdPhaseOfMoon video. Fast forward to 9min 15sec.

Courtesy of Third Phase of Moon

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