What Is The Quantum Financial System (QFS)? – Charlie Ward

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Click the original video or article link here >>> The Latest Updates of the QFS with Charlie Ward

Charlie gives a run-down on the QFS.

Source: drcharlieward.com

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  • Will our US DOLLARS be safe in the bank or should we get our money out of the bank. I have us dollars in a trading account just sitting there not being used, what should I do? I lost so much in 2019 in the stock market now I am afraid to trade again.

    • Mikolaj Tomaszewski

      Greetings Deborah, In such case as yours, I would purchase gold and silver, but quantities depend on your overall situation.

  • This deadbeat poster copy and pasted someone else’s work, and claimed it as their own in this.

    Clearly, the poster of this ripped someone else’s article off 100% word for word, and claimed it as their own! Fraudster.

    CW has a major issue, and is asking his followers to do something that was never ever suppose to, and to rip off his followers.

    Beware, as CW is not always honest, and his non legal past is being injected to steal and profit from his weak followers.

    Its a shame honest people have no way to contact CW. Also, all his “Fee’s” he collects he says is given to support MPN, which is also 100% owned by CW. So your Premium fee’s are just shifted from his main website, to another of his owned websites, and says its all for charity. Yet both sites are owned by CW. Thats just a list of 4 or 5 things that makes him a extremely provable non truther.

  • When QFS is released what’s going to happen to the NYSE? Will it still exist?

    • Deanna,

      One of the attributes the QFS claims to have is to be unhackable. So, assuming the NYSE is indeed hackable and can be controlled or manipulated quietly by whoever set it up in the first place, then the QFS would supposedly supplant the hackable portion of the NYSE infrastructure. This would make it hackable and more secure.

      In my opinion, the intent of the White Hats’ (the good guys currently cleaning up and taking control of the global governments) is NOT to freak people out. So, in keeping with that intent, I think the NYSE will remain after the QFS slips in quietly. Any changes made after that would be done gradually to provide stability and continued confidence in its system.

      This is based on what the White Hats have already done with the QFS so far – the changes are barely noticeable.

      That’s just my opinion.

      – John Helios
      Founder & Chief Editor
      Star Nations News℠

  • I find it bizarre that everything on the net is pro-QFS. Alt left to alt right. And it’s aliens and ‘white hats’ that are doing this??? It’s one great big step towards one world gov’t!!!!! Trust the machine, the machine will take care of us. Wake the F*%# UP PEOPLE!!!

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