What Makes AI Algorithms Dangerous?

What makes AI algorithms dangerous?
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SNN Editor’s Note: This article seems to lean on the presupposition that AI and other tech are inherently evil. What folks need to know is that whatever technology gets developed generally follows the intent of its creator – whether good or evil. Time and time again, we seem to be programmed to assume the worst (the work of the cabal), when it really doesn’t need to be this way. Soon enough as humanity evolves, we will be seeing the good side of tech coming through.

When discussing the threats of artificial intelligence, the first thing that comes to mind are images of Skynet, The Matrix, and the robot apocalypse. The runner up is technological unemployment, the vision of a foreseeable future in which AI algorithms take over all jobs and push humans into a struggle for meaningless survival in a world where human labor is no longer needed. Image credit: Depositphotos


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