Why Gold, and Why Now?

Why Gold, and Why Now
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Gold is the ultimate store of value, as it’s the only globally accepted financial asset without counterparty risk, and it has preserved its purchasing power throughout history. In the long-term, the stability of gold’s value is unparalleled. Because gold is scarce and immutable, it has been used as money for thousands of years. Gold’s first use was for adornments—jewelry, regalia, and prestige goods. As early as the 5th millennium BC gold beads of different sizes and purities were manufactured through serial production in Varna, Bulgaria. The semi-finished products were worn in a necklace, and possibly traded. Around 3000 BC […]


SNN Editor Comment: The original question this article asks isn’t answered in teh article. The reason why there’s progressively more talk about gold is because of the upcoming Global Currency Reset, GCR, gold-backed currency, NESARA / GESARA.

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