Wilbert B. Smith’s Telepathic Contact with Humanoid Aliens

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Smith began to associate with infamous alleged contactees, who claimed to be in telepathic contact with aliens. In 1954, Smith met a certain Frances Swan through Rear Admiral Herbert B. Knowles of the U.S. Navy. Swan claimed to have been channeling telepathically transmitted entities from ETs named Affa and Ponar, who were flying 2 ships. Knowles, meanwhile, was concerned about two “satellites” which had been orbiting Earth that year and the prior year, one of which hovered above the Pentagon at 90,000 feet. Swan was able to answer certain technical questions about space travel, which convinced Knowles that she had been in authentic contact with ETs, leading to her eventual investigation by the FBI. In Washington, D.C., during 1959, she arranged a secret meeting between Wilbert Smith and Major Robert Friend.


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