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The AC/DC current wars make a comeback
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Tesla (the car company) has just applied to be a Texas energy supplier. But what about the backstory?

100 years ago lived an extremely intelligent scientist named Nikola Tesla (after whom the car company is named). He held 300 patents and had a photographic memory. He set up a Colorado Springs Experimental Power Station and later his Wardenclyffe Tower on Long Island, which housed his first successful wireless power transmitter stations.

Tesla publicly demonstrated wireless power transmission over 20 miles! More than 100 years ago!

Tesla intended to use this power distribution technology to broadcast power to the people of the world. But upon hearing of this, Tesla’s funder (the banker J.P. Morgan) cut off his funding, had the tower destroyed, and smeared Tesla’s reputation. Wireless power transmission killed. Today, thousands of miles of ugly wired power lines now span the world’s landscapes. People pay for electrical power that would otherwise have been provided wirelessly for free.

Tesla died alone and penniless in a small New York hotel room. Many of his patents were subsumed and buried by Edison.

One of the little-known factoids about Tesla’s towers was where they got their power from. Some surmise the real reason JP Morgan shut down Tesla’s towers was to hide their power source. While yes, originally the towers were driven by local power companies, some scientists now claim that Tesla’s later designs derived their power from… the ambient environment. So-called atmospheric “free energy”.

Some scientists claim the free energy concept is true, as this technology was disclosed in literature such as Ayn Rand’s best-seller book Atlas Shrugged, whereby “the machine” derived its power from the atmosphere and powered an entire city. And in these modern times, magnetically based generators are now made in people’s desktops and garages – sometimes to provide power for their homes.

Now that magnetic and atmospheric toroidal power has been proven in a garage, harnessing huge amounts of power like this is just a matter of scaling up the size. Do a video search for “Tesla Tower” and you’ll see larger facilities being researched in Texas and as far away as Russia.

Given that this technology yields power with no pollution, methinks it can provide environmentally friendly energy to power-hungry cities.

So what’s stopping us from using this power now?

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