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Moon to Mars: Opportunities for Australian businesses

The Australian Space Agency is partnering with NASA on its inspiring plan to go back to the Moon and on to Mars.

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Lockdown warning: ‘Our families are starving,’ they’ll become ‘revolutionary citizens real soon’

Lockdown warning: 'Our families are starving,' they'll become 'revolutionary citizens real soon'

A military veteran business owner in Northern California lit into his county’s leaders at a board of supervisors meeting, warning that restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic are threatening the lives of his family and many others. “This is a warning for what’s coming; it’s not going to be peaceful for much longer,”

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SpaceWatch Opinion: On-orbit Servicing, a Double-edged Sword

#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: On-Orbit Servicing, a double-edged sword

Click the original article link here >>> #SpaceWatchGL Opinion: On-Orbit Servicing, a double-edged sword Effective Space As orbital traffic continues to expand and flourish, on-orbit sustainability efforts must also evolve. On-Orbit Servicing (OOS) can renovate degrading space assets and advance space sustainability through in-space manufacturing, orbit modification, refurbishment, and resource replenishment. However, the very nature of and intricacy in conducting

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Mike Harris Show: Number 3 in the Series of Interviews With the Talented Austin Steinbart

MIKE HARRIS SHOW: Number 3 in the series of interviews with the talented Mr. Steinbart

Steinbart, who claims he is the next Director of the US SPACE FORCE, speaks of a space-based internet that will obsolete #5G, quantum computing, and zero latency (no delays) communication with people on other planets.

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Streamlining Quantum Information Transmission

Streamlining quantum information transmission

The quantum realm holds the key to the next revolution in communication technology as we know it. With the promise of unprecedented performance and impenetrable security, quantum technology is taking its first steps towards the ultimate goal of applications such as highly encrypted yet nearly fast-as-light financial transactions.

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