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Mel K Discusses Trump, Vaccines, US Border & Ukraine – Nicholas Veniamin

Mel K Discusses Trump, Vaccines, Border and Ukraine with Nicholas Veniamin

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Lt. Gen. Tom Mcinerney: The Covid Vaccines Are a National Security Threat

Two weeks ago, Lt. General Thomas McInerney took the first jab from a Covid vaccine after being advised to do so by his doctor. But before taking the second, he received a phone call from another doctor who warned him not to get round two. Since then, he has met with doctors, scientists, and high-level contacts who have sent him down a trail of discovery. What he has found is shocking.

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Historic Court Case Reveals That NO Safety Studies Were Conducted on Any Vaccine Over 32 Years, as Required by Law

Prominent vaccine injury lawyer, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. joined up with Del Bigtree of the Informed Consent Action Network to hold the federal government accountable on the issue of vaccine safety. In the 1970s and 1980s, there were mounting medical reports of vaccine injury occurring in children. The reactions were mild to severe and sometimes deadly. The reactions were often the result of a very reactive vaccine adjuvant that caused severe allergic reaction, seizures, or autoimmune conditions. The number of vaccine injuries was so compelling, the U.S. Congress took up the issue in the mid 1980s.

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Victims of the COVID-19 Vaccines Months Later: “I’m Still Not Right”

Even 3 to 4 months later, they’re complaining of major arm pain at the spot of injection, excruciating shooting pains going up their neck from their spine, constant lethargy where they can’t get their energy back that they had before the jabs, pain in their toes (mainly the big toe), lots of horrible headaches, shortness of breath, plus depression, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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