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TR-3 “Astra” Anti-Gravity Spacecraft Apparently Made by Lockheed

The pictured page is early formal documentation of the TR-3 (commonly known as the TR-3B) “Astra” anti-gravity spacecraft in Nick Cook’s 2001 book “The Hunt for Zero Point”.

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Elena Danaan: Abductions, Galactic Federation, ET Races, Secret Space Programs – Ileana

“I had a lovely Interview with the beautiful and talented Elena Danaan, who is the author of “Gift from the Stars” In the interview we discussed everything from ET abduction, Galactic Federation of Worlds, Ashtar Galactic Command, dangers of channeling, Atlantis, Antarctica, and the Secret Space Programs.”

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Secret Space Program (SSP) Recruit’s Total Recall – Jason Rice

There are many individuals worldwide who have been involved in various unacknowledged special access programs like the Secret Space Program. Some only recall their involvement through vivid dreams that eventually surface as memories, just as they did for Jason Rice.

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