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Contact With Nordic Alien

“Nordics” are what some people call Pleiadians. Pleiadians are the primary group behind all UFOs sightings

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UFO’s, Grey Aliens & The Government Documentary 🛸 Phil Schneider

Phil Scheider talks about how the U.S. has developed technology that enables the government to tunnel deep underground to create a nationwide network of supersonic trams that connect many military bases. These trams, in turn, connect many D.U.M.B.s or DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASES, in which covert operations are being performed.

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US Navy Patent Explains Principles of Anti-Gravity

The TR3b Is An Actual Real Spacecraft With A Real US Patent

The “Background” section of the following linked US Patent “Craft using an inertial mass reduction device” provides some technical discussion of the principles behind anti-gravity, electro-gravitic propulsion, and other technologies currently in use by the military

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