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全球貨幣重置 Global Currency Reset (GCR) & 正在進行財務重置 ! – John Helios

Golden sovereign: Which countries have the most gold reserves?

這是《星際新聞》的主編兼創始人約翰·赫里奧斯(John Helios)。 今天早上我做了一個夢,這預示著我們中許多人已經等待了多年的良好的全球財務狀況正在發生。 我現在將與您分享…

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Deep State Targets Xi Jinping in Effort to Stop Earth Alliance & Global Revolution

The Atlantic Council recently released a policy paper on its website titled: “The Longer Telegram: Toward a new American China Strategy”. The paper raised a firestorm of controversy due to it asserting that US policy should aim to remove China’s paramount leader Xi Jinping from political power.

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