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Is this a Second Sun or Nibiru?

There are a lot of strange occurrences in the sky lately.

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The First Interstellar Visitor to Our Solar System, Could It Be a Technosignature of Extraterrestrial Intelligence?

Since it’s first sighting in 2017, the sensationalism has only grown around ‘Oumuamua, as serious astrophysicists analyzing its anomalous trajectory and acceleration began to posit that it cannot be explained by any entirely naturalistic explanation. That is to say ‘Oumuamua’s anomalous behavior indicates that it is an engineered object, not a naturally occurring one.

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Space Craft Shoots Past Sun At Partial Light Speed

But this object was seen on only one frame of the helioviewer video so this was going so fast that it disappeared in just under a minute. That means it was going partial light speed…maybe 10% light speed. This object was really big and moving fast…at speeds no meteors or comets could attain.

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