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Update Current News June 9, 2021 – Simon Parkes

Simon gives his much-anticipated update for June 9, 2021. (Thank you, Simon!)

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The Event Will Be Sudden and Unexpected – Nova Maxx

The event will be sudden and unexpected. At the time of the event, the Forces of Light from outer space and the Forces of Resistance Movement and positive Aghartians of the inner Earth will meet on the planetary surface. It will be COMPRESSION BREAK.

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MUST SEE: Quantum Financial System (QFS) & Global Currency Reset (GCR), NESARA / GESARA, St. Germain Trust

Trump’s Economic Advisor Advocates Return To Gold Standard In A “Crypto Way”

The future of money is now. Crypto like Ripple XRP will change the world. Get ready for the (GCR) Global Financial Reset and (QFS) Quantum Financial System before everyone else. ALL Banks worldwide are moving to crypto right now.

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The Quantum Financial System 101 – Transforming ‘Value’, Eliminating Bankers

Quantum technology, including a quantum financial system, is definitely the next big thing and, according to some sources, is designed to be an entirely good thing for humanity, representing the Real and Better Reset (our capitalization).

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