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Earth Grid Transporter Seen at Different Locations Across Gaia

In order to protect her delicate ascension and the evolution of the her many inhabitants, Earth and the Earth grid are under lock and key currently. No one can come in or go out without proper access and intention.

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Intergalactic News: Congratulations Sent To Earth from Other Star Nations & Other News

While many enlightened light warriors and way-showers are fully aware that Gaia and her many inhabitants are undergoing an evolution not seen before elsewhere in the universe, relatively few know that that the other Star Nations are likewise going through their own form of evolution along with Gaia.

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A Pleiadian Message – It’s Time to Lift the Veil

This message came through yesterday morning (~11/3/2020). At first it felt like it was in relation to my November energies reading (which I still believe it is). However after finishing the video last night, I got chills when I realized the broader scope of the message for the world. Tune in now…It’s Time To Lift The Veil – The Pleiadians

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Lowell Johnson: Earth’s shift Will Happen on 12-21-2020

In this exclusive Panel with Telos Inner Earth visitor Lowell Johnson, Venus contactee Robert Potter, and ET contactee and futurist Alfred Lambremont Webre, Telos visitor shares his experience in the Inner Earth meeting with the Lemurian civilization in the Telos Council Room, where he was told that Earth’s and humanity’s consciousness shift happens on the 2020 Winter Solstice, December 21, 2020

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