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St. Germaine, NESARA GESARA – Michelle Fielding

Discussion of St. Germaine, NESARA GESARA

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The Wayshower’s Leap – Amanda Lorence

“Into the Light” by Amanda Lorence

What I am about to share and support with, has NOT happened yet, as it’s a POINT in the Galactic Timeline to come. I say this for absolute clarity. So regardless of any experiences, or any precursors, what I am about to describe below, is support for WHEN the Galactic Timeline presents, to humanity.

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The Only Way Out is Through – Female Warrior

I always love a good epiphany. That moment when you stare into the abyss and find it staring back at you. The flash of illumination that reminds you that everything is okay and that life will continue to go forward with or without your consent or approval. Such a realization happened the other day when I was walking along the river. I was reflecting upon all of the…

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