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Hollywood’s “Soft Disclosure” About What Happened After World War II

Despite the official declaration of Germany’s defeat in World War II, post-war control-mongers (collectively now known as the “deep state”) continued their activities behind the scenes. The point of this discussion is show that they also keep reminding us not only of the war, but what they intended to have happen in the world afterwards. One method by which they continue to remind us is in the movies.

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Extremely Positive World Predictions for 2021 & Beyond

Michelle provides uplifting encouragement of how the world will be in the future. See the video notes provided, typed up courtesy of Star Nations News℠.

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Earth Ascension & Intergalactic Cooperative Update 2020-08-14

This report comes from Quantum News Sources (telepathically) as defined in the Star Nations News℠ About page. Here is the update from Lisa F: “We are currently working, finishing up the Galactic Grid, and the inter-species elemental inner Earth Gaia grid is finished as of now, as an ongoing project to unite all Terran species and help all of us

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Secretive TR-3B Spacecraft Possibly Spotted Over Beirut Explosion

Photographs and videos depicting the recent explosion at Beirut’s seaport seem to show at least two triangular craft over the explosion site. For the last two decades reports of triangular craft seen worldwide have consistently appeared in conjunction with strange events and unusual sightings.

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Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) Destroyed on Mars

Upon reading recent mainstream news about a volcanic eruption on Mars, a strong suggestive thought sprung to mind. This thought stated that this eruption event was actually not what was being reported in the article. The next immediate thought was this eruption was actually smoke from the aftermath of a Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) being destroyed on Mars.

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