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Video: Cabal-Operated Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) Near Acapulco Destroyed

imited tactical neutron charges. Explains why the power went out. (Not rods of god, because ROG don’t go that deep.) The neutron charge radiation can be fatal to humans and knock out vital electronics if not shielded from the EMP. So the Alliance used torsion field diversion with ET folks’ help to keep it from hitting populated areas directly.

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Creating a Non-Radiating Source of Electromagnetism

On an earlier post Patent Approved for Anti-Gravity Spacecraft using Mass Reduction & Non-Conventional Propulsion, I shared an active US Navy patent describing a spacecraft with silent antigravity (electrogravitic) propulsion. While that patent describes that technology in general terms, this article provides a hint at the Navy’s tech in a way that will make it safe for human use – without all the radiation.

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Patent Approved for Anti-Gravity Spacecraft using Mass Reduction & Non-Conventional Propulsion

The US government approved a patent for a spacecraft that uses anti-gravity (“repulsive gravity”), mass reduction and non-conventional (non-explosive combustion) propulsion. This form of propulsion possibly means no flames or explosions, but perhaps near-silent electromagnetic field propulsion.

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Will Tesla Towers Power Our Future? – Star Nations News

The AC/DC current wars make a comeback

Some scientists claim the free energy concept is true, as this technology was disclosed in literature such as Ayn Rand’s best-seller book Atlas Shrugged, whereby “the machine” derived its power from the atmosphere and powered an entire city. And in these modern times, magnetically based generators are now made in people’s desktops and garages – sometimes to provide power for their homes.

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