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Consciousness-Directed Transport

(This is a “Quantum Source” report, which means this information is derived from a non-conventional information source as defined on the Star Nations News℠ About page, and is thus subject to later verification.) ***** This vision alludes to the mention in recent years of “consciousness-guided” or “consciousness-assisted” technologies that certain whistleblowers (mostly survivors of the secret military programs) have shared

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The Antherian ETs & Our Passage through the Lesser Mysteries

Suddenly I envisioned a snow-scaped forest, with a forest on the right and an open snow field on the left. Above the snow field was a brilliantly illuminated blue-white orb. Within the orb as an electrified being bearing the semblance of a humanoid form. Immediately above it, perhaps piggybacking upon the first one’s energy was another orb-being. Within a moment, the vision was gone.

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Dreaming & Visions to Awaken Within You

The first body doing the walking is the active part of one’s “dream body”. It is that part of us closely associated with our autonomic nervous system. While the autonomic system helps to keep us breathing, our heart pumping, eyes blinking, the purpose of the dream body is that feather-light inclination that tells us to move onward when we most feel like giving up. It makes us get up in the morning when the alarm goes off, motivates us to drag our asses outside and go to work. And just like many other aspects of our lives, our subtle dream-motivator has been beaten down to the bare minimum to where it can barely keep us alive.

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Caution when using William Tompkins book “Selected by Extraterrestrials…”

Who is William Tompkins? William “Bill” Tompkins is well-known as a whistle blower or truth-seeker among folks interested in advanced technologies, UFOs, ETs, and aliens. As the folks at Wikipedia say about him… Uh… Well, he doesn’t have a wiki entry, which doesn’t make sense. Especially considering his credentials: he worked in secret programs with the US Navy, then later

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Planet-Sized Ships Regulating the Incoming Energies

I was watching some videos of interviews of “whistleblower” William (Bill) Tompkins, one of many insiders into the Secret Space Program. In the video (several years old by the time I watched it) he makes mention of at least one planet-sized ship that had parked itself directly outside our solar system. He said the purpose of the ship was effectively to set up a quarantine around our solar system to keep unwanted (ca8al) traffic from either going in and out. In the video I’m pretty sure Tompkins said these ships were really huge – like “the size of Jupiter” – or something to that effect.

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Something Going on in Antarctica

He was sent to wave a white flag (really?) to his counterpart, an emissary sent out by the residents of this underground world. As this other emissary approached, the human representative lost his nerve and panicked. He turned tail and fled, pulling out his sidearm and firing off rounds at the other emissary and the approaching hovering vehicle on which it resided.

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Recapitulate to Recapture Lost Vitality

(Originally posted in Helios Journal on January 2017) Recapitulation: Not Merely “Remembering” In one of my recent social media postings about the concept of “Recapitulation”, more than one person recently told me that one must not keep dwelling on past events. They even went so far as to say that “recapitulating” life events is actually harmful! To this I say: It’s

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Good News about Dragons

For many people, the mere mention of dragons conjures up vivid imagery of fire-breathing creatures bristling with a mysterious and sometimes dark and foreboding power. Where movies such The Never Ending Story portray a dragon as a kind and benevolent creature, other more mainstream movies such as The Hobbit seem to hold sway in the public mind by portraying dragons as evil and sinister entities whose only motive is to cast fear into the hearts of all they encounter.

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