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The Collective Consciousness Transformative Steps – Alisha Berry

The collective consciousness is currently in a period of transformation. These changes will be experiences in waves. As of this moment, two significant waves have already come about…

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Message to Lightworkers 2020-7-20: Industrial-strength Help in Zero-pointing Emotional Programming

Very interesting events have led me to understanding part of what’s going on lately with the recent massive zero-pointing of old emotionally-charged programming. This doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone, and go with whatever resonates with ya…

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Mass Awakening Activation- Self Expression- June Energy Update: Aluna Ash

Mass Awakening Activation- Self Expression- June Energy Update

#Awakening #June #Activation This activation is a Greater Awakening of the Planetary Consciousness within & fueling a greater desire for Self Expression & equality within collective- Healing & Rise of the Divine Mother/Feminine in all (emotions, beliefs, Heart, self expression, sensuality, soul, subconscious…) It is the beginning of major […] See more at: Mass Awakening Activation- Self Expression- June Energy

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The Ardinian ETs – 17th Dimension Beings

They show themselves as a large shard of light but choose to stay in a group consciousness as this keep their vibration high and focussed here as they’ve had to lower their vibration to connect with gaia and humanity. Direct information given by the Ardinian – Palor. Information provided via Aluna Kay31 December 2019 *** Stay up to date on

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