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Nasa Reveals Stunning Snap of Orion’s Fiery Red Betelgeuse Star – But It Will Soon Be GONE

Nasa reveals stunning snap of Orion’s fiery red Betelgeuse star – but it will soon be GONE

NASA has shared a snap of one of the brightest and more unusual stars in the night sky. Betelgeuse, the unstable red supergiant star, continues to baffle astronomers as they try and work out when it will explode.

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Earth Ascension & Intergalactic Cooperative Update 2020-07-16

During the interim since the above last Major Intergalactic Cooperative Projects report published in May 2020 (with information relayed by Lisa F, a human involved in Earth’s liberation) several other reports have issued. The new reports below from Lisa are preceded by reports from Star Nations News℠ Editor John Helios, including contacts from new ET races that have come to Earth and made themselves known.

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