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Cloning Technology – The Boys from Brazil

Cloning - The Boys from Brazil

Description of the nuclear transfer cloning process. Excerpt from the 1978 movie “The Boys from Brazil” starring Gregory Peck, Laurence Olivier, and James Mason. Based on the novel by Ira L

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Kid Buu Says He’s a 2nd Generation Clone that Escaped from Cloning Facility (Part 1)

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In this clip, Kid Buu discussed his upbringing and offered some interesting information about his life. According to Kid Buu, he’s a clone. He spoke about his “1st Gen” self was born in New Jersey, but the clone version or “2nd Gen” version was made in Canada.

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Reporter: Democrats Privately Say Biden is Lacking ‘Mental Acuity’

Reporter: Democrats privately say Biden is lacking 'mental acuity'

SNN Editor: Some say Biden is not Biden: That by comparing photographs of him from various sources over time, there are marked differences in facial features, especially with his ear lobes appearing attached to his face, while at other times his ear lobes are not attached. This seems to suggest that Biden’s handlers are using doubles for him, or even clones or cyborgs.

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Trump: Biden ‘Not All There, Everybody Knows It’

Trump: Biden 'not all there, everybody knows it'

See the original article here: Trump: Biden ‘not all there, everybody knows it’ President Donald Trump criticized Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden Friday morning and said the former vice president is “not all there.” “Look, Joe’s not all there, everybody knows it. And it’s sad when you look at it and you see it, you see it for yourself,” the

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Human Cloning – Is it Happening?

It is a slow and expensive process taking many months. Wealthy folks who want to clone a favorite, beloved pet have been the only ones able to afford this, but that may be changing rapidly. Cloning of a favorite pet has produced mixed results, with many clones supposedly not living as long as normal, and some having strange health problems.

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