Are You Suddenly Attacked by Fear & Anxiety?

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(Note: Video is in spoken English, but has Chinese subtitles in order to reach a larger global audience.)

Outline of today’s discussion:

* This video discussion is for people who have suddenly been struck by fear and/or anxiety.

* This may be caused by what the spiritual and awareness community calls “ascension” or “activation.

* What is activation?

* Why is activation happening?

* Where is activation happening?

* Who gets activated?

* When does activation occur?

* How does activation manifest itself in your life?

* “Symptoms” of activation?

* How people react to activation.

* Where does the fear or anxiety come from?

* Where you can get help if activation hits you hard.


– Exercise

Activation energy can be measured in part through the Schumann Resonances:

Counselors who may be able to help you pass through fear and anxiety:

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

Amber Klara Wild (UK):

Henda Zaghouani (France):

Michelle Eves (Australia):

Harry Kroner (US):

Lorie Ladd explains the fear & anxiety situation rather well here:

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