Med Beds: Simon Parkes To Be Involved in Med Bed Roll-out

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Med Beds: The Most Sought-After Technology

Med beds, healing beds, healing pods, light beds, holographic medical pods – these are all names for the the same thing. Med bed technology is by far the hottest topic on this news site. Star Nations News℠ receives the most comments and inquiries about this topic. And rightly so…

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Simon Parkes’ Latest Announcement re Med Beds

Disclosure leader and truth-teller Simon Parkes leads a global community called Connecting Consciousness (CC), a group that for years has been dedicated to the sharing of the truth about what has been been going on in the world. Simon states that as soon as conditions are ready for it, he and CC will be involved in some major humanitarian activities to assist people across the globe – people who really need the help.

One such humanitarian endeavor will be the disclosure and implementation of the much-rumored “med bed” technology – a quantum-based medical healing technology which has been hinted at by US President Trump as well as numerous military and government insiders who are eye witnesses and/or first-hand experiencers of this technology.

Various sources (mostly heard among Charlie Ward) have rumored that med beds have been or are currently being manufactured

In the following linked video, Simon shares some exciting news! He states that Connecting Consciousness (CC) has been asked by those in authority to assist with the rollout of the med beds. Go to the 18 minute mark to hear what he has to say:

Video: 29th May Update Current News (Please fast forward to 5min 50sec). Video source: Simon Parkes.

For those of you who don’t know already, med beds utilize quantum healing technology. But… when will the med beds actually come out? Will we have to line up to use them, because they are already in high demand. No answers yet…


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