Video: Woman Claims to Have Used the Med Bed, but…

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SNN Editor Commentary:

She claims to have had the med bed used both on herself, as well as having performed procedures on others using the med bed.

I have no doubt the med beds exist. But…

For the sake of those who doubt what’s claimed here, what would add credibility to the speaker:

  • Who is she? In the last minutes of the video, she seems to refer to herself by the name of “Sky”. Perhaps this information omission is due to the person who shared this video, as there is no attribute nor intro paragraph accompanying the video.
  • What are her credentials as actually being qualified to speak about the med beds? Late in the video she seems to allude to being active in underground projects and the Secret Space Program (SSP).
  • How about some proof that the med beds she allegedly has used actually work? How about some before and after pictures, videos, or other easily visible evidence of improvements made to the body?
  • When speaking about people seeking help after getting the CV jab, she refers to a “fresh DNA sample”. Well, anyone can provide a “fresh” DNA sample at any time – before or after the jab. I think what she really means is a DNA sample from before the patient before receiving the jab. Her lack of clarification on this issue and the manner about which she speaks of this might lead one to believe she’s really not qualified about such an important medical technology. It actually serves to cast doubt on what she speaks of.

What else? (including some positive stuff):

  • The process seems suspect. She says a DNA sample needs to be taken first around two weeks before the healing session. Given that med beds have been around for decades already, and the way they’ve been disclosed to the public in movies, med bed technology is already so advanced that such wait is not necessary. Maybe a few moments at most. This two weeks’ wait seems suspect.
  • She seems to be speaking honestly.
  • She seems to be “woke” (in the original sense – not in the recent political use of the word): She uses terms such as “white hats” and claims that Secret Space Program (SSP) tech has been in operation at least since the 1940s. Mention of billions of life forms out there in the universe, among many other universes.
  • She claims the med beds cannot counteract damage done to DNA by the jab.
  • She says the med beds might not be released for another 10 to 20 years. She does provide realistic advice to live for the moment, go ahead and use available medical therapy (see link at the bottom of this article).
  • Med beds will be rolled out first on a trial basis.
  • Med beds can be used to heal animals.
  • Hospitals, doctors, nurses and conventional medications will eventually be gone. These will be replaced by treatment clinics, med beds, and the technicians who operate the med beds.
  • Current med bed technology only allows three rounds of age regression. She hypothetically poses a scenario where a person gets to 70 years of age, and then can be age-regressed to about 30 years of age. Then the person can grow to 70 years of age again, then regressed again. Then repeat. The currently technology only allows three rounds of regression.
  • The planet is not overpopulated, just the cities.
  • Mention of “advanced beings” that seems to allude to non-human species.

What’s really nice about the video is that it serves to bring the existence of the med beds further into people’s consciousness – thus allowing its acceptance as reality when the time comes.

Meds beds are a form of quantum healing technology. Quantum is the new technology that will change everything, including medical care.

In the meantime, use all conventional healthy means to heal yourself. However, if you must have healing immediately using quantum healing, then have a look here…

– John Helios
Founder & Editor
Star Nations News℠


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  • Is it possible to secure the benefits today of a holographjic med bed that will reverse the effects of three strokes and high blood pressure. and also correct foot neuropathy?

    • Aside from any information available on this website, I know of no other info, such as the answer to your question.

      Med Beds use “quantum healing” technology. So I strongly suggest you look up “quantum healing” and “med bed” both on this website and on the web for a solution. I honestly believe there are some forms of quantum healing out there that do work. How well they work is an entirely different discussion that I cannot take up here.

      Please keep checking on this website for any updates that I will share.

      – John Helios
      Founder & Chief Editor
      Star Nations News℠

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